In October 2019 I was lucky enough to have a short story published by a small publishing company, Owl Hollow Press. Seeds of a Pomegranate was released in their anthology, Cabinet of Curiosities: Tales of Oddities, Gadgets, and Trinkets. Click here to learn more about the anthology.

My short story features Delphina Kore, whose family runs a funeral home. She thinks her life is pretty normal, mundane even – that is until she inherits a rather odd necklace. The necklace unravels family secrets and a path to power. 

I loved writing this story and diving into mythology. Interpreting it in my own way and creating something that’s hopefully unique. Actually, I’m currently working on expanding the short story into a full fledged novel. There a few things that have changed from the original short story but Delphi and a few other key characters are still there. Along with some new ones! Check this page for updates about Delphi.