Hello there! I’m Alyssa.

If you want a brief look at who I am then:

   – Librarian

– Historian 

   – Avid reader

   – Wanna be writer

   – Aunt to two adorable little boys

   – Cat mom to a high maintenance neurotic cat

   – Can be content in a bookstore for hours

If you want to know a little more:

I was born and raised in Beaufort SC, a small seaside town that seems to have its own uniqueness.

I grew up reading anything I could get my hands on and I went on dozens of adventures with too many book characters to count. Laura took me out West, Alanna showed me how to stand up against evil, and Harry taught me all about magic. When I was younger I would create my own characters and adventures. There was even a book written in the style of a Dear America book.

As I grew older, I put aside my writing dreams to focus on other goals. I went to college and became a certified History Nerd and then later went back to school to become a certified Book Nerd. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that I missed writing. It has been a journey to get back into the rhythm of writing and I’m hoping that one day you’ll see one of my books sitting on the shelves.

If you’re looking for something official:

Alyssa L. Krob was born and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina. Growing up she was an avid reader, devouring any books she could get her hands on. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in History and worked in historic house museum for a few years. Later, she started working at the local library. Her time at the library inspired her to go back to school and obtain her Masters in Library Science and Information. Alyssa now works as a Teen Services Librarian.

You can find her online at www.alyssakrob.com.