As a librarian, I am fluent in the language of stories and understand their value. To most people a book is just a book – nothing more than ink on paper. But I know better. Books are a way to see the world, have grand adventures, and a way to learn about a new perspective. 

Ever since I started working in libraries I have been a supporter of diverse books in the collection. Diverse books allow children in a community to see themselves reflected within the pages of a book, to see their experiences in life recorded. They also serve to educate community members on experiences they might not normally encounter. 

In light of recent events I am urging you to educate yourself, to look beyond the scope of what you know. Being that I am a teen services librarian, I have included a small list of young adult books written by black authors. (They are so many others!) These are books that I regularly suggest to my young patrons, and I hope you will consider picking one of them up. 

If you want more book suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! 

Or if you want to learn more about diverse books please go to This is a great organization that I reference almost on a daily basis as a teen services librarian.