Hello again! Sorry for another late post, there was this whole thing with a hurricane and I got a little distracted. But the hurricane has passed and I’m getting back into the swing of things. Sure the week off from work was nice but I didn’t get to go visit a friend like I had planned and ate A LOT of hurricane snacks. 

The curse of summer reading seems to have lifted and I got quite a bit of reading done in the past month. I was able to get through a total of 12 books which is a huge leap from the 4 books I read in July. Which is great! I’m happy to be out of my reading slump. Out of all the books I read in August 1 was a graphic novel, 4 were audiobooks, and 7 were regular books. The total number of listening was 38 hours and 31 minutes, and the total number of pages read were 2,198.

On to the reviews!

A Tyranny of Petticoats is a collection of short stories written by several different YA authors. The theme of this anthology are badass women throughout history, and it didn’t disappoint. All of the stories featured diverse women from different parts of history and going through all different sorts of situations. Anthologies are a great way to sample an author’s writing before picking up one of their books. It also exposes you to authors that you might not pick up and read on a normal basis. My personal favorites from this collection were:

  • Mother Carey’s Table by J. Anderson Coats
  • The Journey by Marie Lu
  • Madeline’s Choice by Jessica Spotswood
  • Pearls by Beth Revis
  • Gold in the Roots of the Grass by Marissa Meyer

You know how sometimes movies are based off of books? Well this book happens to be based off of the movie, or rather the screenplay for the movie. My cousin Amanda suggested this book to me when I told her I was in a reading slump. I decided to give it a go, especially because of the movie. The book is basically a star crossed lovers story, but centering around two teens that have cystic fibrosis. People who have CF can’t get in close contact with each other for fear of spreading infections. 

I have to say for a book that was based off of a movie, the book had more intricate details than the movie provided. I know that movies can’t include everything because of editing, but I found that those little details helped make the story more interesting. Overall I really enjoyed reading the book. It was a nice way to jump back into reading and shrug off the summer reading blues.

Last month I was re-reading the book East in preparation for reading the newly released West. It’s been a decade since East was released and while I was waiting for a sequel of some sort, I never really thought there would be one. So you can imagine how excited I was when West was announced. Pattou uses new mythology, Scottish if I’m not mistaken, to create a fresh storyline. There were some parts that I wished had been expanded upon – particularly when it came to Sid and her story line. I think though, that if Pattou really wanted to she could create a spinoff novel about Sid and her life among the fae folk. One of the aspects I really liked about the book is that the story was told more multiple points of view. The sequel holds up well when compared to the first book.

I love a good mermaid story and the Sea Witch is no exception. This novel is a backstory for the infamous sea witch in the little mermaid. No not the Disney version – think Hans Christian Anderson. You know, the seafoam version. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about this one but Y’ALL! This was so good! I really enjoyed this one because it’s not the stereotypical mermaid story. I mean yeah there were some plot points that I figured out in the middle of reading the book but the author kind of alluded to it. Otherwise it was a good book and doesn’t necessarily provide that fairy tale ending most people are used to when reading about the little mermaid. Which was honestly a little refreshing.

I did a few re-reads of books I read a few years ago. Ironically one was another mermaid book called Of Poseidon. This is a book I would categorize as a beachy read – and no not because its a mermaid book. It’s a light easy read that you can get through pretty quickly. Which I managed to do when I decided to re-read it. Funny thing is, as I read this again, I realized that it was kind of the mermaid version of Twilight which I didn’t pick up on when I read it the first time. It’s not a bad book but it does have the trope of overprotective guy and the girl that can’t help herself. I do like the authors background on the syrena and found it to be unique.

The second re-read I did was for one of my favorite books of all time, A Northern Light. This is a historical fiction novel that blends a real-life murder in a fictional characters world. When I first read about Mattie and Grace Brown, I was in my teenage years. I can remember really liking the book and the characters. When reading this again I remembered why I loved this book so much. Mattie spoke to me on such a level that it almost breaks my heart. I see myself in Mattie more than I’ve ever seen myself in any other character. Jennifer Donnelly did an amazing job of using the real life murder of Grace Brown to tell a story of another girl, who refused to let the same thing happen to her. This book is amazing and I highly recommend it.

Somehow during this month I managed to read an entire series called The Goddess Test.

The order for the series is: 

  • The Goddess Test
  • The Goddess Hunt
  • The Goddess Interrupted 
  • The Goddess Legacy
  • The Goddess Inheritance

I read this series a few years ago when the books were first being published and really enjoyed it. I decided to read through them again because of my current writing project. (More on that in another blog post!) This was a fun light series to read and didn’t take me very long to get through. The main character is Kate Winters and she basically becomes the new Persephone for Hades. The God has decided that if he can’t find a wife to rule by his side then he will fade into nothing. Hence why Kate is involved. However, things aren’t so cut and dry and she faces a series of difficulties and challenges. Each book in the series follows these different challenges. Two of the books listed are short stories, which you don’t necessarily have to read to understand what’s going on in the main part of the series. But they are fun to read!

My to-read list for September consists of a few more re-reading and craft books on writing. There are some newly released books that I’m looking forward to reading and will hopefully get to before the end of this month. Including: Serpent & Dove by Shelby Maurin, There Will Come a Darkness by Katie Rose Pool, Treason of Thorns by Laura Weymouth, and Loki by Mackenzi Lee.

Until next time!