Guess who hit a reading slump? 

Oh yeah. That would be me! June was a little rough for me when it came to meeting my reading goals. In May I was able to get through 10 novel, so when June came around I was confident that I could continue the trend. 


There are a few reasons why I stumbled into a bit of a reading slump. June was the beginning of summer reading at work. The library has been busy with programs, kids hanging out at the library, and an influx of new patrons. The other reason – I’m having trouble getting through some books. Which isn’t a new thing for me. Usually I’m the type of person that gives a book at least a few chapters before I decided I don’t want to read it anymore. HOWEVER, there is one book that I’ve been trying to read since the end of May and it is taking me forever to get through. There is a particular reason I haven’t put this book down yet, but more on that next month… hopefully.

 I was able to read four books in June. When it came to audiobook vs. physical book, things were pretty much split down the middle. In total I listened to 15h 40 minutes and read a total of 754 pages.

If you haven’t guessed yet, Pride is a remix to the well known Pride and Prejudice. I’m going to be honest with y’all. I have never read Pride and Prejudice. I know, I know. It is a classic that everyone should probably read at some point in their life. I mean if it helps I did see the movie with Kiera Knightly in it. So I knew the basic premise and where the book would eventually end up. I have to say that Ibi Zoboi did an amazing job of making this a modern love story! I loved everything about this book. The characters were diverse and practically leapt out at me. I really felt like I was really there right alongside the characters. She put her own unique voice into a classic story and let it shine. I would love to see her remix other classic tales and bring them into this century.

I have mixed feelings about this book. Overall I did enjoy the book and thought it was written well. This story is unique and unlike anything I have ever read before. The author did an amazing job of showing the reader Nigerian culture and mythology. However, with all of that being said I feel like there were some issues with the plot and flow of this book.In the beginning the book was good and the pace was set well. The minute that Taj ended up in the palace as the King’s personal sin eater is when things got a little weird to me. The plot seemed to jump and seem like one thing was going to happen, but then boom he’s out in the forest training aki. Okay, that’s plausible. Anyway, other than those issues I did enjoy the book and am interested to see what happens in the second novel.

This book was amazing and heart achingly beautiful. It reminds me a lot of The Chronicles of Narnia, so if you enjoyed that series you should def pick this book up. However if self-harm or depression trigger you, please keep that in mind when you read this book. 

 The first part of the story is told from Evelyn’s point of view, and the second was told from Philipa’s. The two different perspectives were a vital part of the story because you really gained a deep understanding of each sister. In Evelyn’s case you were able to understand why the Woodlands meant to much to her and how badly she wanted to return. Yet despite that ache of wanting to go back so badly, you saw how hard she tried to adjust to the non-magical world. With Phillipa, you saw how desperately she tried to hold her sister together, and how her disappearance affects her. The issue of mental illness and self-harm is handled well in this novel, and there were moments when I felt my heart break for each girl. I know this is a stand alone, but I can’t help but hope for some sort of short story about what happens after the ending.

I cannot even begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this book. Books that are alive and filled with magic guarded by sword wielding librarians? I was hooked from the moment I heard about this novel, and not just because I am a librarian. I’ve been a fan of Margaret Rogerson ever since I read her debut novel, An Enchantment of Ravens. Her take on libraries and librarians is unlike anything I’ve read before. Sure I’ve read fantasy books that feature libraries, but none that center around one throughout the entire story. The world she created was well thought-out and had a unique magic system – one where sorcerer’s source of magic comes from a bond with a demon. The size of the volume may seem intimidating to some (it’s shy of 500 pages) but believe me when I say you’ll never be bored. Rogerson does a great job of keeping the story with scenes that don’t distract the reader from the intended plot. For those of you that love a good slow-burning romance then have no fear, you’ll find that here. 

Overall I feel like this book really tapped into the spirit of the library world. The dedication page reads “For all the girls who found themselves in books.” Those words really hit home for me because I grew up as one of those girls. It’s what propelled me into becoming a librarian. Granted, now I really want a sword to carry around at work.

I can’t wait to see what else the author comes up with, and I would be ecstatic if she would create a sequel (if possible) to this one.

Until next time! Happy reading!