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Alyssa Krob is an authority on young-adult literature. As an author, commentator, librarian, and connoisseur of good books, she offers a wealth of knowledge, as well as a sense of excitement and wonder in the field of YA writing. Join Alyssa in exploring the vast written world through her reviews, commentary, and original works. Get to know the Wild Scriber herself!

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Tune in for laughter, fun, and a new YA Book review every week. Prepare to be delighted by Alyssa and her co-host Madeline!

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Get the latest works and news from Alyssa’s Typewriter, where Alyssa shares short stories and writing, thoughts, reviews, and more. 

Seeds of a Pomegranate

Meet Delphina Kore, whose mundane life takes a turn as an inherited necklace unravels family secrets and a path to power. 

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Quarantine Reads

If you had told me that I would be living during a pandemic and other multiple historical events, then I would have laughed in your face. This has been such an unprecedented time and it has been a lot to deal with. I let a lot of things slip, including updating this...

Sharing Voices

As a librarian, I am fluent in the language of stories and understand their value. To most people a book is just a book - nothing more than ink on paper. But I know better. Books are a way to see the world, have grand adventures, and a way to learn about a new...

Dear Library

Most people just think you are just a building that holds books, but as one of your librarians, I know better. You are a place of magic, wonder, and knowledge. A safe place for those that seek shelter from everyday life. A point of equal access for all.  Yet now your...


There is magic

in the ink

In the way

Words are desperate

To fill the page

To tell the world

About the infinite universes

In her mind